anothaonthehitlist (1)Workplace romances do they ever end well? What happens when your workplace romance ends in heartbreak or betrayal? 24-year-old Kianna is a call center agent with a bright future and looking to climb the corporate ladder until she meets the smooth and savvy Ace. Kianna becomes infatuated with Ace but is she looking for love in the wrong place? She soon finds herself struggling to understand if falling in love with Ace a gift or a cruel curse. With her love life suddenly becoming more complex the question everyone is asking is what does Kianna’s husband have to say about all of this?




Betrayal, lust, deception, and heartbreak. Look these words up in a dictionary and next to them will be a picture of Ace. Blessed with a slick tongue and a cold heart, Ace will do anything and use anybody to get paid. However, Ace finds himself in a difficult situation as his latest scheme does not go as planned. Caught in between making a quick dollar and losing the love of his life December, Ace has a difficult decision to make. Will he choose love or will he choose money? What happens when the player finds himself on the other side of the game?




After the love of your life dies tragically how do you move on? For the last few years, Sean has been mourning the loss of his ex-girlfriend Harmony. Still unable to accept that Harmony is gone, Sean visits her gravesite every year on her birthday. Sean’s best friend Curtis provides moral support but begs Sean to seek counseling. Sean’s grief is destroying everything around him including his relationship with his new girlfriend Melody. When Melody realizes that she can’t compete with Harmony for Sean’s affection she decides it’s time for her to make a change. Sean finds himself turning to his best friend Curtis for moral support in his time of distress. However, Curtis wife Kianna sees this as an opportunity to satisfy her needs. Will Sean remain his brother’s keeper or will this be another tale of Cain and Abel?                                                downloadnow-red-button-for-web-link

anotha4Why do men think they can screw over a good woman without any consequences? How come men can break women’s hearts, lower their self-esteem, betray their trust, and be rewarded by moving on to their next woman?
The cunning yet dangerously handsome Ace has recently broke Jasmine’s heart in a million pieces. He left her with a trail of tears as he moved on to be with his new woman. When Jasmine gets sick and tired of crying over the love of her life she decides to take action. Jasmine becomes determined to make sure Ace learns his lesson and never cheats again. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we decide to deceive.