How I Became A Savage

How I Became a SavageI bury my face in the pillow as the tears begin to stream down. My heart was broken once again over Ace, and this was the only way I knew how to cope. Alicia Keys asked, “How do you sleep with a broken heart?” Shit, Face down and ass up! In just a few short weeks the love of my life has been caught with not one but two women. First I had to find out about Kianna through a hurtful email, and then if life is not cruel enough, I meet his other woman Melody at Taco Tuesday.

“Ahh,” I cringe from the pain.

What hurt me the most was the look on Ace’s face when he saw Melody and I dancing together in the club. It wasn’t the fact that he avoided direct eye contact with me that hurt me so bad but rather how he stared her directly in the eyes. I could tell they had a deeper connection with her than he ever had with me. He looked right past her eyes and right into her secrets.

“Uhhh,” this pain is unbearable.

I looked her in the eyes, and she stared at him as if he was the only man God ever created. I knew from that moment on that I had never known Ace truthfully. I knew the idea of Ace, but I did not know the man. I knew the representative of Ace, but I did not know his heart. I was a pit stop on the road of his life and Melody was the actual holder of his heart.

“Ohhhh,” I can’t take this pain.

What kind of man tells a woman that he loves her and then lies to her? What kind of man makes his woman compete with other women for his affection? He was supposed to build me up to other women, but instead, he made a joke out of me. Worst of all Melody knew about Kianna and me, yet I never knew she existed. I thought Ace was my man, but clearly, he wasn’t. All these years and all these tears and what do I have to show for it? A hole in my heart where Ace used to live.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I close my eyes and release, and now the pain is over.

“Damn baby, that was good!” he said.

“I’m not ya baby; my name is December!”

“My bad. You wanna watch a movie or something?”

“Haha, please what you think this is. You think I wanna Netflix and chill? I got what I needed, and I’m out. Work on ya stroke Daddy. Gotta go,” I laughed as I got dressed.

Sad, I didn’t know his name nor did I care. I just wanted to get Ace out of my system the only way I knew how. Ace wanted to hurt me, and I bet he would be so hurt if he knew the nasty things I was out here doing.

“You broke my heart Ace, and made me a savage!” I yelled out.


(The following characters are from the “Anotha on the Hitlist” book series. Read more at

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