Why Do Men Cheat: Curtis and Sean

Wishing you a super special birthday!Finally, home after a long day of work. I opened the door and was greeted by a familiar but unpleasant odor. It was the smell of perspiration and cucumber melon. I glance at the couch, and I see Sean still lying there. He must have laid on that couch all day sweating, and Kianna sprayed Victoria Secret body spray to mask his odor.

“Sean, man you still sleep? Don’t you have to be to work in an hour?”

I know his break up with Melody was hard last night but lying on my couch and not going to work was not an option.

“I talked to Jasmine earlier bro she gave me a few days off,” he said.

“Good, a few days off should give you enough time to figure out a plan.”

“Plan? Curtis, what are you talking bout?”

“Plan as in how do you plan to move on. Are you going to counseling? Are you moving out of your place? Are you going to get Melody back?”

I love Sean to death but laying on my couch was not going to get him to the place he needed to be in life. Plus, I think Kianna is mad at me because I let Sean stay here. She has not talked to me all day.

“I’m going home tomorrow man. I’m just giving Melody time to get her stuff out. Thanks for letting me stay here. You didn’t tell me how good of a cook Kianna was. Her pancakes are off the chain,” he started laughing.

She made him pancakes, but she can’t return one text from me.

“Where is Kianna at now?”

“She in the bedroom sleep. She has been in there for a few hours. Something must have drained her energy today.”

I can’t believe she made this nigga pancakes and can’t even tell me good morning. I couldn’t even get the side nigga “GM” text. I walk slowly to the bedroom an open the door. I see Kianna lying down with her face on the pillow with her butt exposed. She is wearing a red thong and not a comforter or sheet in sight to cover her body.

“Kianna, we got company why are you laying in here ass-naked,” I yelled.

She slammed her hands across the mattress and got up quickly. Her breasts were exposed, and I hurried up and closed the door.

“I was laying in bed waiting for you to come home. I know you had a long day at work, and I figured I would surprise you by being ready to give you some, but oh well. I’m so sick of you Curtis. Can’t you just come home and relieve some stress with your woman? Any man would love to come home to his wife butt naked after a long day of work. Well, any man but my man.”

“It ain’t bout that Kianna. You know Sean is in the other room. What if he walked in here? You think I want Sean to see you naked. You’re my wife?”

Curtis, that call center got you fucked up. You think I’m in here messing with Sean? You accusing me of cheating?”

I hated when Kianna did this. I didn’t accuse her of anything, but here she is taking things to the next level as always.

“Kianna, just put some clothes on that’s all I’m saying. I had a long day, and I just want to shower and chill.”

She smacked her lips and said, “Long day! You had a long day! I lost my damn job, and on top of that, I had to sit her all day bored in the house. I had to lock myself in my room because you decided to let your dumbass friend sleep on my couch. I couldn’t even watch Wendy Williams on my couch today Curtis. If you had such a long day, you should have come home and got in the bed and let me relieve yo stress. Instead you in here worrying about Sean. Why don’t you worry about the bills since you the sole provider now? How bout that.”

I have been getting yelled at all day by customers on the phone, and I be damn if I came home to more arguing. I walked out of the bedroom and closed the door.

“That’s right walk away preacher boy. That’s all you ever do is walk away,” she yelled.

I went into the living room and sat on my reclining chair and turned on Sportscenter.

Curtis, not to get in ya business bruh but why you put up with that? You know what you need?”

“Sean, what do I need?”

“You need a side chick. You coming home way too stressed and apparently, Kianna doesn’t seem to give a damn.”

“I’m so sick of men always thinking the solution to all of their problems is another sidechick. Why do men think all of your problems will disappear by cheating? That sidechick stuff is an illusion. Yeh, they don’t fuss or argue, but that’s because they don’t care about you. Any woman that care about you is going to complain because either they want you to do better or they want you to treat them better. When they stop complaining tho bruh, that’s when you have the problem. I rather my woman nag me than be naggin someone else any day. Besides, what has cheating on a woman ever solved my brotha? You know why men cheat?”

He just stared at me, “Why Curtis? Why do men cheat?”

“Men cheat because they are broken inside. Men let issues from past experiences fester in their soul rather than resolve them. Instead of confronting the issues and dealing with them we just look for a quick fix. Usually, that quick fix comes in the form of another woman. The problem is the only thing you are going to find with another woman is the same issues in a new dress. So Kianna and I have an argument. Think about it man. Do you know any woman that would be happy with her privacy invaded? I mean you been lying on our couch all day. Am I supposed to get another woman because Kianna mad? Look at yourself brotha. You got abandonment issues from things that happened to you in the past. You let your insecurities from what other people did too you cause you to sabotage your relationships. Melody was a great girlfriend to you, and you didn’t do right by her. You found any excuse to peace out on her. Nah, my brother, cheating is not the answer. Most men need a therapist, not outside sex.”

He looked me up and down and said, “Negro please, I cheated on Melody because she never let me hit it from the back.”


Read more about the lives of Sean, Curtis, Kianna, and Melody in the book series “Anotha on the Hitlist.”

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