Anotha on the Hitlist 3: My Brother’s Keeper

anotha3After the love of your life dies tragically how do you move on? For the last few years, Sean has been mourning the loss of his ex-girlfriend Harmony. Still unable to accept that Harmony is gone, Sean visits her gravesite every year on her birthday. Sean’s best friend Curtis provides moral support but begs Sean to seek counseling. Sean’s grief is destroying everything around him including his relationship with his new girlfriend Melody. When Melody realizes that she can’t compete with Harmony for Sean’s affection she decides it’s time for her to make a change. Sean finds himself turning to his best friend Curtis for moral support in his time of distress. However, Curtis wife Kianna sees this as an opportunity to satisfy her needs. Will Sean remain his brother’s keeper or will this be another tale of Cain and Abel?

Addictively readable, Anotha on the Hitlist 3: My Brother’s Keeper is a heart-wrenching, emotional thriller, and perfect installment of the must read Anotha on the Hitlist series.

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