How to Discover God’s Plan for your Life


What is my purpose on earth? What does God have planned for my life? Am I on the right path? Am I making the right choices? If you are asking yourself these questions daily, then you are on the right path to success. You have made a sound decision to place the fate of your life into the hands of God, and you just want to know more.  The answers to the most important questions of your life may be closer to you than you think. Here are a few steps that can help you in discovering God’s plan for your life.

Second Place won’t do

It’s Superbowl weekend and just like each team wants to be the champion; God wants to be first in your life. God wants to be your first love.  Often in life, we get so busy with work, relationships, and making time for other things that we neglect God. We put so much time into our personal affairs that we leave little time for God. If you want to see, your life transformed put God first. Spend time with God. Talk to God in prayer, study your scriptures, and become best friends with God. The more time you spend with God, the more, you will begin to see his plans unfold in your life.


A lot of times we hear this word faith, and think it is some mystical force in which only the most trained Jedi Knight can obtain. When faith is simple and not complicated. Faith is about commitment. Faith and being faithful work together. Every good relationship requires trust and faith is you trusting in God enough to be faithful to him. For example, you trust the word of your partner, you trust your partner to act in your best interest, you trust your partner even when you don’t see them, and in response to that trust you are faithful. Faith is reciprocal. I trust God, so my actions will be geared to God trusting me. Be faithful to God and watch the changes it brings in your life. If you feed your faith, you will starve your doubts.

You are chosen

God chose you before you choose him. You are the workmanship of God, and he wants to present you as a beautiful work of art to the world. You were purposed by God to be his representation on earth, and the very talents you have are used for his glory. Stop focusing on the things that limit you and put faith in the fact that God has no limits. Kill your insecurities by trusting in God’s ability and not your own. Your purpose is bigger than you. You are qualified because God is the qualifier.


My grandmamma told me “closed mouths don’t get fed.” So, if you really want to be blessed, if you really want the rain to come into your life, then ask. Take your request to God in prayer and pray with the belief that God can and will. Don’t just pray for the big things pray for the little things. You are an investment of God, and as an investment, it is in God’s best interest for you to succeed.

Ultimately, your purpose is revealed when the time is right. It is your job to keep your mind sober and remained focused. If you stay ready, then you won’t have to get ready. When the time comes, and your purpose is revealed don’t become complacent or selfish. Always look to grow and always look to be a blessing to others.

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